Sent Together

Hampden United Methodist Church

backpackingMark 6:7-13

How many of you have ever said the phrase, “stick together!” when your children or grandchildren were leaving the house?  Or how about, “hold hands when you’re crossing the street!” Or, “go with someone!”

Why do we say that?

Well, there’s a lot of wisdom in the phrase “two heads are better than one.”

Now, we can make some foolish decisions even when we’re with other people, but there’s a slightly better chance that when we’re with someone else we’ll make a wiser, safer, decision.

In the Gospel of Mark, Jesus has been traveling around healing people and casting out demons.  In our Gospel Lesson last week (Mark 5:21-43) we saw Jesus raise a twelve-year-old girl to life and heal a woman who had been suffering from hemorrhaging for twelve years.

Now we see Jesus send out twelve of his disciples to minister to people in the surrounding…

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