Moving Forward (in love)

Hampden United Methodist Church

gaelle-marcel-161096-unsplash2.jpgEphesians 6:10-20

I don’t know about you, but I do not love conflict. In fact, I typically try to avoid it if possible!

But I’ve learned the hard way that conflict doesn’t go away on its own. You can’t make conflict disappear by simply ignoring it. Conflict needs to be addressed, and the fastest way to get through conflict is often to address it head on.

We’ve been talking the past few weeks about what it means to “live in love.” We talked about “building one another up in love” and “walking in love.” Last week we talked about “giving thanks in love.” And now this week we’re talking about “moving forward in love.”

It may seem odd that the text for a sermon entitled “moving forward in love” is all about struggle and conflict, with imagery of armor and weapons. But the reality is, love and conflict are not…

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